“Farewell Tour” #easttowest roadtrip

One car. One husband. 53 Days. 3,793 miles. 12 states.

Beginning: Georgia TN->KY->IL->MO->KS->CO->WY->ID->UT-AZ End:California

This road trip has come to end as we prepare to enter the Peace Corps. Words cannot express how fulfilling this trip has been. A complete 2 months full of positive vibes. Definitely needed and greatly accepted.

There is something refreshing about seeing the “amber waves of grain and mountain majesties” of my backyard. The icing on top of a great trip was being able to visit family and friends.

It was on this trip that I came to appreciate how my travels and education has allowed me to meet so many remarkable people. I call many of you true friends. It was great to visit many in their elements and be a tourist in their city. From Phoenix, to L.A, to Salt Lake City and through San Francisco I was able to see these cities through a local’s eyes. No better way.

Thankful for the support of our families and positive vibes for the adventure ahead.

Thank you to those that made this trip an unforgettable experience.


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